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Legislative _Panel 2_croppedtight _350The Professional Developers of Iowa (PDI) is a statewide non-profit organization representing more than 320 practicing economic development professionals dedicated to expanding the economy of the State of Iowa. For the past 45 years, PDI has successfully represented the collective economic development interests of both the private and public sectors by providing leadership in defining and promoting statewide economic development initiatives.

Primary among the purposes of PDI are:

  • Fostering cooperation and mutual support among the members;
  • Using the collective expertise of the members to provide guidance and direction to policymakers as it pertains to economic development;
  • Working consistently to enhance the long-term competitive posture of the State of Iowa as it pertains to economic development;
  • Providing the means for members to informally exchange ideas and development techniques; and
  • Affording members the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, expertise, confidence, and professionalism through a varied program of educational activities.