PDI Lobbyists

Amy Campbell - Partner, Campbell/Patterson ConsultinAmy _Campbellg
Mobile: (515) 554-5838

Amy Campbell completes her 22nd legislative session as PDI's lobbyist in 2014. She is a partner at Campbell/Patterson Consulting, a lobbying and government relations firm headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. Campbell/Patterson represents ten clients, including the Travel Federation of Iowa, Iowa Library Association and AARP. Prior to becoming partner at Campbell/Patterson, Campbell was the Vice President of Government Relations for the State Public Policy Group, where she worked for twelve years and represented over 23 clients. She has an extensive background in political campaigns, and spent a year on the House Democratic Research Staff, advising Democratic legislators on local government, health, and state government budget issues. Campbell has a political science degree from Central College, Pella.

Craig Patterson - Partner, Campbell/Patterson ConsultingCraig _Patterson
Mobile: (515) 554-7920

Craig Patterson completes his 14th legislative session in 2014, also his 13th as PDI's Lobbyist. As a partner at Campbell/Patterson Consulting, he lobbies for ten clients representing a variety of professions, from volunteer firefighters to community health centers to economic developers. Patterson spent more than four years on the Washington, DC staff of Iowa Congressman Jim Nussle, handling all of the Congressman’s tax, trade, transportation, energy and agriculture policy work, before serving as Legislative Director. He also served as Policy Director for Nussle’s re-election campaign in the fall of 2000. Patterson graduated from the University of Arizona in his hometown of Tucson with degrees in Political Science and Sociology.

Campbell/Patterson Consulting
1807 N.W. Norton Court
Grimes, IA 50111