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Heartland Economic Development Course

April 22-26, 2019Heartland Logo

Adam's Pointe Conference Center,  Blue Springs, MO

Contact:  James Hoelscher for more information
heartland-edc@uni.edu / 800-782-9520

Video Testimonial "Let's Talk Heartland with Andy Sokolovich"

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Heartland ED Course is a Must!
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The Heartland Economic Development Course offers five days of intensive training in the basic concepts, information, methods and strategies of local economic development.  Essentially, it is economic development boot camp.  This multi-state basic economic development course ranks at the top of the IEDC accredited courses and fulfills one of the educational requirements toward professional certification.

Alumni rave about Heartland who find it engaging, educational, and relevant to their specific needs.  “I heard this was a very good course.
I had high expectations, which were exceeded!”

The course offers a rare opportunity for students to exchange ideas and become familiar with economic development programs and activities.  The experienced faculty includes both practitioners and recognized academics to provide an excellent combination of basic theory and practical application.  Students get advice from instructors and participate in case studies where they will make recommendations for an identified problem.  Heartland One to One professional consultations allow participants to meet with a faculty or experienced board member.  These meetings occur during the week and help students find answers to their own economic development challenges.

What happens after the course? Upon completion, participants receive a course certificate and are qualified to continue their training even more with the International Economic Development Council’s professional development series or University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute. 

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