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Legislative Update - December 28, 2011

TO: PDI Members

FROM: Kathryn Kunert, Jeff Rossate and Brent Willett - PDI Legislative Committee Co-chairs

RE: TIF Public Hearing - Coralville

2012 will be an action packed year during the legislative session. In fact...it is starting already...and TIF is where the action begins! Your early assistance, support and communication is needed NOW!

Senator Bolkcom and Representative Sands are hosting a public hearing on TIF at the Coralville Library on January 4 at 5:30 pm. Both serve as the chair of the Ways and Means Committee in each of their respective chambers and holds the authority over TIF. We need PDI members to attend...as this is a very important meeting and it is critical our collective, loud voice is heard.

As many of you know, we are anticipating there will be a strong bipartisan effort to curtail TIF. This effort has gained momentum and support, due in large part, to the recent use of TIF to relocate Von Maur, a large retail store, from Iowa City to Coralville. While PDI members have largely expressed concerns over the use of TIF in such a manner, we as PDI members must be active and engaged with legislators to try to ensure the legislature does not overreach and pass a bill destroying the use of or the effectiveness of TIF. Such legislation could include complete removal of the ability to use TIF for retail projects, for housing, or to limit a community’s dollar amount for which they can use TIF (beyond the bonding limitation that already exists).

PDI's Legislative Committee is currently working to be prepared to what make come from the legislative activity. However, we know will need all members to be engaged in this discussion and be communicating with your local legislators so the impact of revising the TIP tool is completely understood.

We recognize you may not all be able to attend...so if you can...we thank you in advance...and if you are not able to...please contact your legislator so they know when the session starts you will be communicating with them.


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