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DNR Stakeholder Involvement Opportunity - Groundwater-related contamination

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is proposing a rulemaking effort to rewrite Chapter 133 of the DNR’s rules. The existing Chapter 133 addresses only groundwater-related contamination. The DNR is proposing to clarify the scope of Chapter 133, which will cover most forms of contamination not under the purview of another regulatory program. The proposed chapter would primarily be applicable to a party who is responsible for contamination. Attached is a draft proposal of the chapter. Also attached is a document that describes the purpose and proposed principles of rewriting Chapter 133.

The DNR has identified possible stakeholder organizations as shown in the attached list, which includes an organization represented by you. Please share this information on the proposed Chapter 133 rulemaking effort with members of your organization and other possible stakeholders.

The DNR will welcome comments, suggestions, and questions regarding the proposed Chapter 133 through September 7, 2012, after which the DNR will decide if there is sufficient support to proceed with rulemaking. A stakeholder committee may be organized if a sufficient number of stakeholders request such a committee. In the meantime, the DNR is willing to meet with individuals and organizations and participate in communications by phone and email.

The attached documents can be accessed from the following Internet link. The Department will also use this site to post written comments received regarding the proposed rulemaking.


Please direct your legal questions to Aaron Brees and technical questions to Bob Drustrup.
Thank you for your consideration.

Aaron Brees Bob Drustrup
Legal Services Contaminated Sites Section
Phone: 515-281-5965 Phone: 515-281-8900
Email: aaron.brees@dnr.iowa.gov Email: bob.drustrup@dnr.iowa.gov

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