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Finding Regulatory Assistance from the IEDA

Iowa's Regulatory Assistance Coordinators [regassist.iowa.gov] network works as a unit across the State of Iowa enterprise to help you effectively identify your compliance needs and requirements. Our goal is to assist you in meeting business development timelines through efficient communication and timely processing of your compliance requirements needs. Visit the Iowa Environmental Business Assistance [enviroassist.iowa.gov/] portal for tips on identifying environmental compliance needs for your industry sector and frequently needed permit forms and guidance. This site provides easy access to assistance with regulatory requirements and resources for your business operation or project, information on compliance requirements and confidential non-regulatory assistance.

You may also contact the Iowa Economic Development Authority directly for assistance with the following:

  • streamlining application approval
  • supporting your compliance efforts
  • increasing profits by reducing waste and marketing recycled material
  • making sure your business licenses and permits are in order
  • linking you to unexpected opportunities for waste stream products
  • assisting you in finding resources to redevelop a brownfield site
  • putting you in touch with a new, diverse and highly skilled labor pool that can invigorate productivity.

The Business Assistance Team professionals believe healthy business relationships start with trust. Our consultation services are free and available to anyone. Every day, our team assists one-person shops and multinational corporations. We can help you identify solutions before there's a problem ... and if there is a problem, we can work with you to find solutions. We take our responsibility in this professional relationship seriously — streamlining the regulatory process through pre-application consultation; application assistance; and dependable, continued presence throughout as we help gather information, create solutions and provide support.


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