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Sourcelink: Seeking profiles from nonprofit resource providers


The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) is sponsoring IASourceLink – a statewide network for entrepreneurial assistance, powered by Iowa’s small business resource providers.

A web-based platform, IASourceLink will facilitate effective use of Iowa’s entrepreneurial service providers by efficiently linking small businesses to the right resources at the right time. IASourceLink will leverage your marketing efforts by connecting you with the customers you have identified as needing your organization’s core services. You will be able to enter your conferences, webinars, and training on a state-wide calendar of events. IASourceLink is part of the national small business network facilitated by the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship.

IEDA wants to ensure your organization is part of the IASourceLink statewide network of resource providers. Customers will start at www.IASourceLink.com to find assistance. The site is currently being built out and we want your organization’s services included. Please go to http://iasourcelink.com/register and complete your service profile.

Your organization’s information will be entered into IASourceLink Resource Navigator which is an efficient, non-intrusive way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to be connected to resources to assist with starting or growing a business. The customer enters basic demographic information, identifies the specific services needed, and then receives a list of resources tailored to their specific needs. If a customer desires additional assistance they may request it electronically or via a toll free number. IASourceLink will support the referral of customers between resource providers.

Focusing on your organization’s key services will help ensure entrepreneurs and small businesses are connected to the best fit resources. Please complete your profile by Friday, September 7. After your profile is complete, IEDA will follow up with you to ensure your organization’s services are accurately represented.

By participating in this statewide network your organization’s services will be promoted. In return we ask for your commitment to displaying the IASourceLink logo and link at your web site to provide comprehensive assistance to Iowa entrepreneurs and small businesses.

If you are planning to attend Professional Developers of Iowa (PDI) fall conference please consider joining us September 28 when we officially kick off IASourceLink!

If you have any questions at all, please contact Diane Foss at 515.725.3016 or diane.foss@iowa.gov. IEDA very much appreciates your efforts!

Sincerely yours,


Debi V. Durham

Director, Iowa Economic Development Authority

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