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Large Site Certification Program Kickoff Webinar

One of the fastest growing trends in the site selection business is the demand for shovel-ready industrial sites.  As companies continue to put pressure on the time allowed for making a location decision as well as the time required to start construction and complete the project, the need for certified sites increases.  Companies looking to build new facilities want sites that are shovel-ready and relatively risk free. 


IEDA launched the Mega Site certification program in May 2012. There are currently 12 sites working toward certification.  We are now opening the program to smaller sites.  Sites with contiguous acreage of between 50-249 acres are invited to apply.  There is also an industrial park category for sites between 100-499 acres.  Rail is not required for either category.


Certification benefits include:

  • Effective pro-active marketing
  • Prepares the community for better re-active marketing
  • Educates the developer on the site’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Speeds up the development schedule by having due diligence completed

As with the Mega Site program, McCallum Sweeney Consulting will act as the independent, third-party certifier and design the program based on a combination of industry needs as well as Iowa’s targeted industries and natural assets.


Join us for a webinar to learn more about how your community can participate in the Large Site Certification program.


Large Site Certification Program Webinar

Tuesday, July 16

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Via GoToMeeting


Presenters include:

Debi Durham - Iowa Economic Development Authority

Mark Sweeney -  McCallum Sweeney Consulting

Kimberly Williams – McCallum Sweeney Consulting


For more information on the program or to register for the webinar, please contact:


Chris Cataldo 

Tel: 515.725.3157

e-mail: chris.cataldo@iowa.gov


Webinar connection instructions will be sent to registered attendees on July 15.


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