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Iowa Telecommunications Associations Unify

Rural Iowa Independent Telephone Association and Iowa Telecommunications

Association Will Unify in January 2014


Des Moines, Iowa—David Byers, board president for the Rural Iowa Independent Telephone Association(RIITA) and Roxanne White, board chair for Iowa Telecommunications Association (ITA), announced today that their respective association memberships voted to unify. As of January 1, the unified association will operate as Iowa Communications Alliance and will serve as the single professional association for independent telephone and wired broadband companies in Iowa.

The unification of ITA and RIITA provides the opportunity to strengthen telecommunications policy efforts with a combined voice to better represent technology in rural areas and synergy for increased organization effectiveness in serving the new association’s members.

“For some time now, leadership of both legacy associations recognized we had the opportunity to leverage association strengths, combine resources and represent our respective memberships with a stronger voice by unifying,” said David Byers, board president for the new Iowa Communications Alliance Board of Directors and current board president for RIITA. “The purpose and membership of our respective associations are similar; unification is a sound strategy toward strengthening rural communications and connectivity in Iowa.”

Roxanne White, current board chair for the Iowa Telecommunications Association said, “We are positioned to lead the rural telecommunications industry with a more defined, stronger focus and enhanced programs and services that support our member companies and ultimately, our members’customers. Our combined efforts will result in securing future success of rural technology and economic development in the communities our member companies serve.”

Byers announced Dave Duncan, current president of the Iowa Telecommunications Association, will serve as CEO for Iowa Communications Alliance.

About the Iowa Telecommunications Association (ITA)

The ITA represents Iowa’s locally‐owned communications experts providing innovative and affordable high‐speed internet, digital TV and phone service through wireline and wireless networks. The ITA offers leadership on key telecommunication issues and supports its member companies in the legislative and regulatory arena to ensure a fair and competitive environment in the state.

For more information, visit www.broadband4Iowa.com or call 515‐867‐2091.

About the Rural Iowa Independent Telephone Association (RIITA)

RIITA exists to foster the success of Iowa's community based communication service providers through regulatory/legislative advocacy and facilitating member access to knowledge and resources, and promote the critical value our members play in their communities.

For more information visit www.riita.com or call 515.243.1743.

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