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A Look Back in History...

As PDI prepares to celebrate their 40th anniversary it seems fitting to look back in history at why the organization was formed, who were its incorporators and what the initial objectives of the organization were.  The Professional Developers of Iowa, Inc. was initially formed as a business league for the primary purpose of improving the overall business climate in the State of Iowa.  The original incorporators consisted of three individuals from across the state all focused on fostering economic development in the State of Iowa.  The original incorporators include Don Chaplain, Craig Hamilton and Gary Owens and the initial Board of Directors was comprised of nine individuals.  The objectives of the organization included: fostering cooperation among industrial and economic development professionals, encouraging state-wide awareness of the opportunities and problems within the State of Iowa, providing a forum for assembly and collective expression and to provide timely educational opportunities to enhance professional knowledge.


As we reflect upon this information it is apparent that the motivation that drove the organization to be formed is the same motivation that paves our way today.  The Professional Developers of Iowa, Inc. is still focused on improving the business climate in Iowa and is still diligent in ensuring the four guiding principles, or objectives, are driving our actions today.  Timely, relevant educational opportunities are still being provided, a forum for assembly is encouraged and promoted, state-wide awareness of the problems and opportunities continue to be communicated across the state and cooperation among economic development professionals is thriving.  It is quite unique that a professional organization with 40 years of service is still focused on the original principles that once generated the desire to form such an innovative and forward thinking organization.    

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