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The Presidential Post - January 9, 2015


By Jason Hutcheson, PDI President

Jason Hutcheson
PDI President

PDI's Grow Iowa Day - Be There!

When it comes to politics, it is often said that if you are not sitting AT the table, you are likely to be ON the table! While PDI is not anticipating major defensive plays this upcoming legislative season, TIF is always an issue that can rear its ugly head at any point in time. In addition, we have a number of offensive plays which have a great chance of gaining traction in the coming months. Movement on the key issues of tax policy and infrastructure funding will not occur by some random act of goodwill, however. Real progress will only occur with a well-executed strategy by PDI and its allies.

For these reasons, it is vital that PDI members stay engaged- especially from now until spring.

One of your best opportunities to do so is by attending the annual Grow Iowa Day at the Iowa State Capitol building in Des Moines on February 4th. Your organization and/or your region can secure a booth to showcase your area for a mere $200. Beyond that, there is no cost to attend- it is included as a member benefit to you. The Rotunda is a great place to interact with legislators and their staff members, and it gives everyone in the building a great reason to talk about economic development strategy and policy.

Your legislative co-chairs are working hard on the logistics of the day and the lobbying team at Campbell/Patterson is sure to help the day be successful.

To achieve maximum success, we need a good representation from our 300+ membership base. Remember- there are 150 legislators covering every corner of this state. Whether you represent a large community or a small one, we need you there. Whether you are directly engaged in local economic development or provide support services to the industry, we need you there.

It is clear that you are passionate about what you do. Come share that passion with our lawmakers. On February 4th, be at the table- not on it!

Written by Jason Hutcheson
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