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CIRAS Manufacturing Leadership Program

August 9-14, 2015, Ames, Iowa

This is a great opportunity for your local manufacturers to develop leadership for continued success.

The weeklong series of sessions will be taught by CIRAS, Iowa State University faculty, and other leading experts, with a balanced focus on business fundamentals and leadership aptitude.

The next generation of leaders will define your company’s future.  Are they ready?  CIRAS has a way to help you take the first step.  CIRAS intensive manufacturing leadership program will:

                Discuss career and program goals with participant and business leadership

                Identify opportunities to generate ROI for company

                Conduct 360 Leadership Assessment

                Expose participants to the key aspects of running a business

                Help participants understand leadership style and how it impacts the organization

                Build lasting relationships with other emerging leaders in Iowa manufacturing

                Gain real-world experience by solving a business problem in a team

                Obtain feedback on presentation skills

                Sustain progress with coaching sessions after program completion.


Applications are due June 26, 2015.  Applications are available by contacting Mike O’Donnell at modonnll@iastate.edu or 515-509-4379

For more information please following link.  http://www.ciras.iastate.edu/publications/CIRASManufacturingLeadershipProgram051115.pdf


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