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Presidential Post January 20, 2016

President's Message

By Wayne Pantini, PDI President

Wayne Pantini
PDI President

Happy New Year! With this New Year upon us, we as developers traditionally start the year with a bustle of activity that may include closing out the past year, promoting our accomplishments and drafting our work plans for the future. That plan includes a charge towards the State Capitol to visit with our legislators as they convene with the arduous task of setting the budget for the next fiscal year and discussing policy. As I think back eleven years ago to my first trip to the Capitol as an economic developer, I was not prepared. I have since gained a wealth of experience from my fellow PDI members, our lobbyist and legislators on how to best approach advocating about issues that matter to us locally and as a PDI organization. The following is a list I created a few years back that I think it worth sharing again.

The Economic Developers Legislative Advocacy Top Ten List -

10) Know who your local legislators are.
9) Keep their contact information current.
8) Review your legislators committees.
7) Discuss with them the PDI Legislative Agenda.
6) Provide examples of positive/negative impact.
5) Attend Local Legislative Roundtables throughout the session.
4) Attend PDI Grow Iowa Day.
3) Monitor the "Hot Topics of the Session" Will they impact your work?
2) Provide any feedback to PDI Legislative Committee Chairs and Lobbyist.
1) Thank your legislators for their hard work!

If you have not done so already, please review the 2016 PDI Legislative Agenda. The Legislative Committee Co-Chairs have also provided some talking points on each agenda item to assist in carrying our message. Be sure to check your calendar and that you have registered for the PDI Grow Iowa Day. It will be Feb. 10th from 10:30 am — 2:30 pm in the First Floor Rotunda of the State Capitol. I hope to see you there! 

Wayne J. Pantini

Written by Wayne Pantini
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