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President's Message - May 31, 2018


Carla Eysink
PDI President

Please Participate in PDI's Future Planning
2018 Membership Survey 

How does your organization's budget compare to that of similar sized groups?
How much do organization's your size spend on marketing? On salaries?
What fringe benefits do your peers receive?
How many developers have an employment contract?

These and many more answers will be available from the results of the 2018 PDI Membership Survey, but only if you participate in the survey.

Survey questions not only include those directly related to wages and benefits, but also questions the PDI Board and its committees felt should be asked regarding not only PDI activities and services in our constantly changing business of economic development.

You will have until Friday, June 8, to complete the survey. You can access the survey at - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PDIMemberSurvey2018PLEASE, take the time now to complete your survey– the survey results are only as valid as the number of our members who complete it. 

PDI has conducted a biennial membership survey since 1994, and the information obtained through those surveys provides a good means of developing trend information regarding economic development activities in Iowa. The PDI Board also uses results of the membership survey to evaluate our member activities and programs. 

The membership survey is being conducted and tabulated on behalf of PDI by the University of Northern Iowa's Institute for Decision Making (IDM). Initial results of the survey will be presented at this fall's PDI Annual Conference in Iowa City in September.

Questions concerning completing the survey can be directed to Drew Conrad (319.273.6977 - andrew.conrad@uni.edu) with IDM. 

Carla Eysink
PDI President

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