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Twitter -292988_640Help us spread the word about what PDI is about and how we work to grow the economic base in Iowa, learn best practices and and ask advice of your ED peers and stay on top of all of the great programs and events that PDI provides for its members. 

  • FACEBOOK PAGE: Our Facebook page is a public business page and anyone can follow it. On it we share PDI news and events and information relevant to members as well as other stakeholders throughout the state. 
  • FACEBOOK GROUP (NEW!): Only PDI members are accepted as members of the Facebook Group. This is where you can ask for tips or advice from other PDI members. You can also share news or events that your peers may benefit from. 
  • TWITTER: Our Twitter page is followed by many business leaders and elected officials around the state and some from outside of the state. Follow us and retweet our posts to share news about PDI and business in Iowa. Tag us in tweets so we can help you promote your economic development news.




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